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AC Replacement Before Summer: 3 Signs Never To Ignore

Warning Signs An AC Unit Needs Replacing Before the Start of Summer

Let’s be honest, the last thing anyone thinks about in the Fall, Winter, and early Spring is the air conditioner. It’s not in use, so why worry about it? Unfortunately, by the time most people do get around to thinking the air conditioner may be having problems, it’s too little too late. Addressing any air conditioning troubles before summer hits should be a priority for any homeowner. Discovering the air conditioner isn’t working during peak season could mean waiting a few days to get help since HVAC technicians will be busy assisting other homeowners with failed AC, too. 

The good news is, homeowners can give their air conditioning a trial run before summer arrives while keeping an eye out for these warning signs that an air conditioning replacement may be necessary to stay cool this summer. 

The Unit Is Getting Old

There is no stopping time. People age, seasons change, and machinery wears down. A reliable, quality air conditioner has a good decade of life in it, and some may last fifteen years with proper maintenance and care. However, the reality is that every air conditioner has an expiration date, a point where it simply cannot keep up with demands due to age. Once the AC is no longer in its prime, it’s high time to consider replacing it. 

A good general rule of thumb is to consider retiring any air conditioner over a decade old. Suppose a homeowner is religious about having a professional maintain the unit every year, keeps the filters clean, and uses the air conditioner sparingly. In that case, they can consider keeping an older unit for a few more years. But, once a decade of service has passed, every homeowner should be prepared for an air conditioner replacement. 

The Unit Is Burning Cash and Energy 

billWhile most home utility bills spike during the summer season to stay cool, air conditioners should not be increasing the bill exponentially each year. When the cooling bill has shot beyond last year’s average cost, there’s probably something wrong with the air conditioner. An aged, broken, or ill-maintained air conditioner is likely to struggle with keeping a home cool during the heat of summer. If an air conditioner has become inefficient and unable to keep up with demand, homeowners will find their air conditioner draining their wallets instead. 

The House Is Hot (But the AC Is On)

hot at home Paying attention to the house’s temperature while the air conditioning runs is the easiest way to catch warning signs indicating a need for air conditioning replacement. If the air conditioner has been set to full blast, but areas of the home or the entire house remain warm, something is amiss with the system. 

Occasionally this warning sign points to a dirty condenser coil or a refrigerant deficiency in the unit, and if that’s the case, go ahead and celebrate! Most air conditioning repairs don’t take long and are inexpensive to fix. However, a warm house with a running air conditioner may also indicate a dying air conditioning unit needing replacement. 

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