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Why Your Water Heater Needs Spring Cleaning

Why It Is Important to Maintain Your Water Heater 

The water heater is an essential fixture of home plumbing. It heats the water, which is then distributed through the pipes to the home’s kitchen and bathrooms faucets, washing machines, and showers. Homeowners should invest in routine maintenance to keep the water heater running efficiently. Maintaining a water heater should include scheduling annual appointments with a technician. 

Keeping the area around the water heater clean is one way that homeowners can include their water heater in spring cleaning. While dusting off the cobwebs from their water tank, homeowners will have a chance to look for leaks, and signs of damage, and check the water pressure. 

Why Water Heater Tanks Need to be Cleaned

water heater The water supply contains natural minerals which may separate in the water heater tank due to the heating process and form deposits of solid sediment. During annual water heater appointments, the water heater tank is flushed out to remove sediment before a buildup can occur. Over time, a sediment buildup can become too much for the system to handle, resulting in a breakdown.

When a slurry of solid sediment moves around the tank, it can quickly corrode the interior metal. If left unresolved, this will eventually lead to the water heater tank needing to be replaced. A clean water heater tank functions much more effectively than one loaded down with mineral deposits. 

Maintaining Water Heater Parts 

valvesDuring maintenance appointments, water heater technicians also check for parts that may need replacement. Most water heaters have valves that control water flow. These valves get a ton of use and can wear out over time. Worn-out valves can cause the water heater to function less efficiently and eventually can make it break down. 

An anode rod is a useful tool for preventing corrosion of the water tank. It is a metal rod that corrodes over time because it attracts the minerals in water instead of letting them corrode the water tank itself. Anode rods need to be replaced around every three to five years, depending on the water heater model. 

Reasons to Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are essential for the comfort, safety, and health of modern homes. Maintaining the water heater has many benefits. Having an efficiently functioning water heater boosts the value of a home, and homeowners can increase the longevity of their water heater and protect their investment by scheduling routine water heater maintenance. 

An inefficient water heater will struggle to meet the demands of providing hot water for the household, meaning it could also cause a spike in utility bills. Water heater maintenance helps keep utility bills low and is likely to save homeowners a lot of money on unnecessary repairs in the long run. 

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