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Humidity in Plainfield, IL

Possible Reasons Why Your AC Makes Your House Humid

The summers in the Chicago area can be extremely hot and muggy, and this can make it extremely difficult to manage the humidity level inside your home. If everything is working correctly, your air conditioning system should be able to effectively control the humidity inside your home since the system removes both moisture and heat


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Winter Temps and Home Humidity

“Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, measured as the amount or degree of moisture in the air.” (Your Dictionary) In the Plainfield area, the great Midwest, we fight all summer to remove the humidity from our homes to keep cool. But once the cold temperatures arrive the humidity plummets. Where Did


Heat, Humidity, the Dew Point, the AC and Your Comfort

  It seems like we spend all winter trying to get our home humidity levels up and then all summer trying to get them down. What exactly is humidity and the dew point and why does it matter? Relative humidity is the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of the amount of moisture in the air


Cold Temps and Dry Air Ahead, Does Your Home Need a Humidifier?

  The thick, damp humid air of summer has left the Plainfield area for another year (don’t worry it will be back!) Enter the dry, warm air of the heated home in winter.  That dry air can cause some uncomfortable issues. Why Does Dry Air Matter? Dry air makes it easier for allergens and bacteria