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4 Landscaping Tips to Keep the AC Humming this Summer

Planting trees and shrubs around the AC’s outdoor condenser unit is a great way to increase its efficiency and lower your monthly cooling costs.  Shading the air conditioner helps to cool the air around the unit so that it doesn’t have to work as hard. Planting shrubs around the outdoor unit is also a great


TR Miller Heating Furnace Tips during Cold Weather

3 Tips to Keep Your Home Toasty Warm During a Cold Snap

Cold weather is standard for the Chicago area.  While we have been lucky this winter, so far, we are about to see the coldest temperatures of the season soon.  While your furnace may be working fine and dandy, there are some issues that can pop up when temperatures dip low. Top Three Tips to Keep


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When the HVAC System Sounds and Smells Strange

  Here in the Plainfield/Naperville area, we tend to run our air conditioners daily through the hot and humid summers and the furnace runs constantly during the cold winters. The HVAC unit takes a lot of wear and tear.  Occasionally, there are some issues that can arise.  Unpleasant smells or strange noises may signal the


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4 Tips to Keep your Cooling Costs Down

Summer has started and the heat and humidity have already arrived in full force! Home cooling costs can be sizeable during the summer months in Plainfield, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to keep cool. Make sure your air conditioner is ready for its long job ahead and that it won’t bust your