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clogged sink

3 Summer Plumbing Issues and Solutions

  Summer is finally here!  Now that we can get outside and get outside with other people this year, it’s time to have some summer fun. However, with all the extra guests, summer foods, and summer rain the plumbing system tends to be a bit strained, causing some summer plumbing problems.  However, most of these


trm now ac tips

4 Landscaping Tips to Keep the AC Humming this Summer

Planting trees and shrubs around the AC’s outdoor condenser unit is a great way to increase its efficiency and lower your monthly cooling costs.  Shading the air conditioner helps to cool the air around the unit so that it doesn’t have to work as hard. Planting shrubs around the outdoor unit is also a great


saving money and house

4 Tips to Keep your Cooling Costs Down

Summer has started and the heat and humidity have already arrived in full force! Home cooling costs can be sizeable during the summer months in Plainfield, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to keep cool. Make sure your air conditioner is ready for its long job ahead and that it won’t bust your


Heat, Humidity, the Dew Point, the AC and Your Comfort

  It seems like we spend all winter trying to get our home humidity levels up and then all summer trying to get them down. What exactly is humidity and the dew point and why does it matter? Relative humidity is the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of the amount of moisture in the air