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Winter Temps and Home Humidity

“Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, measured as the amount or degree of moisture in the air.” (Your Dictionary) In the Plainfield area, the great Midwest, we fight all summer to remove the humidity from our homes to keep cool. But once the cold temperatures arrive the humidity plummets. Where Did


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Plumbing Tips: Garbage Disposal

  A garbage disposal makes like in the kitchen much easier.   However, while eliminating small scraps of food is easy as can be, there are some things that absolutely should not be put into the garbage disposal. To prevent problems, it is recommended that you not put the following items into the garbage disposal: -Coffee


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5 Furnace Safety Tips

  The furnace is a major appliance involving gas and electricity.  If it is not treated properly it can become hazardous.  We have put together 5 tips to keep your furnace running safely. 1.    Clear the Area While your furnace is probably located in the basement or a closet, it is important to keep other