Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners get flustered when it comes to HVAC, plumbing, repiping, kitchen plumbing, and other home services. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide will help you learn more about these common problems so that you can call with confidence whenever you need service.

Q: What Heating and Cooling System Size Do I Need?

The heating and cooling system you need depends on the size of your space, and it is vital to get the right size. If your unit is too big, it will heat or cool your home too quickly, leading to auto-shut offs that increase your bills and decrease the unit's lifespan. If your unit is too small, it will always have to be on and overworked, leading to the same results. We’re happy to help you decide what system size and type is right for your home or business. Give us a call!

Q: How Often Should I Have My HVAC System Checked?

Ideally, you should have your heating and cooling system checked at least once a year. During our visit, we will carry out a thorough inspection of your HVAC system's general condition as well as check specific components such as capacitors, thermostats, and blower motors to ascertain that they are working. These maintenance checks save you the hassle and expense of emergency visits, especially in winter.

Q: Should Air Vents Be Covered in Winter?

Illinois winters can be harsh. However, we do not recommend covering air vents in winter as doing so can lead to condenser and other internal component damage. Besides, these parts can withstand the harsh weather, so you can rest easy knowing that your unit will work just fine.

Q: How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Every air filter is different! However, we do recommend changing your filter every 30 to 45 days to keep your HVAC unit functioning optimally and keep the quality of your indoor air high.

Q: Is Hydro-Jetting Safe for My Pipes?

Hydro jetting is a process that blasts high-pressure water inside a pipe from all angles to remove clogs and debris. Although the process is thorough, it will not damage your pipes, as long as you have professionals carrying out the process. Additionally, hydro-jetting does not use chemicals, so it is a non-caustic, eco-friendly method to clear your pipes.

Q: Why Is Whole-Home Repiping Necessary?

Whole-home repairing is necessary:
  • When planning a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • To maintain water quality in your home.
  • To replace multiple old or worn-out pipes that are beyond repair.
Common signs that you need whole-house repiping include water discoloration, rust spots on your laundry, or water coming out at a lower pressure than usual. While not all call-outs result in whole-home repiping, our technicians will advise you on the next steps if any of the signs above are present.

Q: What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need?

Every homeowner has different needs when it comes to their kitchen plumbing and garbage disposal system. As a rule, the more people living in the home, and the more the volume of food waste created, the larger the garbage disposal needed. Standard garbage disposal sizes include:
  • 1/3 HP
  • 1/2 HP
  • 3/4 HP
  • 1 HP
  • 2 HP and above!
Before settling on a specific garbage disposal system, you'll also need to consider how often you'll be using your unit to ensure it lives up to your home's daily demands.