Why Our VIP Service Membership Is the Best Investment for Your Home

Membership Benefits
  • Discounted Rates

    Members receive discounts on unexpected breakdowns resulting in diagnostic, parts and labor expenses.

  • Priority Status

    Members receive priority scheduling resulting in less wait times.

  • Lower Utility Expenses

    Members realize lower utility expenses as a result of efficiently run comfort systems.

  • Peace of Mind

    Members are assured that their comfort systems are operating safely.

  • 5 Star Service

    Services are provided by expertly trained professional technicians.

Standard Membership Includes:
Safety check for a Carbon Monoxide leak.
Flame sensor and ignitor check.
Condenser coil inspection.
Blower motor, assembly, and wheel inspection.
Check refrigerant levels.
Capacitor and electrical connection check.
Annual maintenance helps.
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Annual 10-point Plumbing Inspection includes:
Water heater flush and check for proper and safe operation.
Sump pump and back-up system check.
Faucets inspected.
Dye-test all toilets to catch any that may be running.
Inspect all fixture drains for proper flow and drainage.
Check sewer ejector.
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